Dr. Mohamed Aggour

Board Member
Head of PAIRS Neuro
Head of Scientific Relations and Endorsement Committee
Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist
Saint-Etienne University Hospitals
Lyon, France

Mohamed Aggour is a lead consultant and responsible of the regional Interventional Neuroradiology Unit in Saint-Etienne University hospitals in France.

With more than ten years of full time continuous experience in the field of minimally invasive endovascular neuroradiology, Dr. Aggour is engaged in the treatment and management of brain and spinal vascular diseases. Procedures include treatment of cerebral aneurysms, brain and spinal arteriovenous malformations, intracranial stenosis and acute stroke. After being responsible for the activity of INR in Lille University hospitals, France, for three years he moved to Saint-Etienne in 2012 developing the INR management in the region with more than 250 therapeutic vascular procedures nowadays. He is actively participating in the regional and national organization and management of subarachnoid hemorrhage and stroke networks in France and in the Auvergne – Rhone-Alpes region to optimize patient care and management. He is promoting medical education and training in INR with other national and international universities. His field of research includes perfusion endovascular studies, clot models, cerebral ischemia and neuroprotection. He is also an active member of the French society of Neuroradiology and Associate editor of the Journal of Neuroradiology.