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1St ASPED Lipodystrophy Master Class

Plenary Session Speakers: Dr. David Araujo, Dr. Baris Akinci & Prof. Martin Wabitsch
Moderators: Dr. Saif Alyaarubi, Dr. Abdelhadi Habeb, Prof. Rasha Hamza, Prof. Farida Jenane, Prof. Khalid Hussain & Dr. Abdulsalam Abu-Libdeh
Meet the Expert Speakers: Dr. Jamal Al Jubeh, Prof. Asma Deeb, Dr. Azza Al Shidhani , Dr. Saif Alyaarubi, Dr. Haya Alkhayyat, Dr. Nadia Alghadir, Prof. Majid Alfadhel & Dr. Mohamed Dubayee

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Meet the Expert in Lipid Disorders

Presented by: Dr. Aida Al Jabri, Dr. Tahani Rashid Al-Mughaizwi, Dr. Aqeel Alaqeel, Dr. Rasha Odeh & Dr. Haifa Alfaraidi
Expert Panelist: Dr. Abdullah Al-Ashwal & Prof. Dirk Blom
Moderated by: Dr. Saif Alyaarubi

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XLH in 2020

Presented by: Prof. Zulf Mughal & Dr. Fahad Al Juraibah
Moderated by: Dr. Abdelhadi Habeb

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Exercise T1D CGM Position Statement

Presented by: Dr. Othmar Moser & Dr. Ramzi Ajjan
Moderated by: Dr. Asma Deeb

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Telemedicine in Paediatric Diabetes during the COVID Era and Beyond

Presented by: Dr. Hussain Alsaffar & Dr. Sorin Ioacara
Moderated by: Dr. Sarah Ehtisham

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HPP in 2020

Presented by: Prof. Amaka Offiah & Dr. Abdelhadi Habeb
Moderated by: Prof Rasha Hamza

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Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH): Bad luck, bad diet or bad genes

Presented by: Prof. Raul Santos & Dr. Mohamed Dubayee
Moderated by: Dr. Abdullah Al-Ashwal

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Childhood Obesity

Presented by: Prof. Dirk Blom & Prof. Rasha Hamza
Moderated by: Dr. Hessa Alkandari

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Syndromic Short Stature in 2020

Presented by: Prof. Jesus Argenti & Prof. Rasha Tarif Hamza
Moderated by: Dr. Haya Alkhayyat

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Leptin Deficiency & Monogenic Obesity

Presented by: Dr. Sadaf Farooqi & Prof. Khalid Hussain
Moderated by: Prof. Asma Deeb

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Advanced Hybrid Closed Loop System (AHCL) in the Management of Type 1 Diabetes

Presented by: Prof. Tadej Battelino and Mr. David Turner
Moderated by: Prof. Nancy Al Barbary

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Hypophosphatasia from Paediatric to Adult

Presented by: Dr. Abdelhadi Habeb & Dr. Nasser Aljuhani
Moderated by: Dr. Hala Tfayli 

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Adolescents with Obesity: Challenges & Management

Presented by: Dr. Bruno Halpern & Dr. Jamal Al Jubeh
Moderated by: Dr. Asma Deeb

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